My daughter – Devika Dewan joined Jumps Start Kids in May 2015. She was nearly 9 months old. Being our first child and a young baby I was apprehensive of leaving her with strangers. Today she is 2.8 years - very well and happily adjusted at Jump Start. So I am glad I made this important decision 2 years back about choosing the right child care for her. 

The experience has been incredibly positive. I don’t remember a day when she was upset going to the Under 2 room. I highly appreciate how all the teachers looked after Devika. Her learning and needs were well taken care of. Devika moved to Over 2 eight months ago but still connects well with her previous teachers.

Her transition from Under 2 to Over 2 was made so smooth. Of course she was upset about being disturbed from her favourite place and teachers to a new area and new faces. But in no time , she settled. All the teachers in Over 2 are so caring and supportive that Devika is very excited to go to her school . Her face lights up every time we arrive at Jump Start Kids .

Devika has embraced new developmental steps that she had previously been unwilling to try (being more active in physical activities, painting , more social, etc.I can't say enough about the teachers. They are easy to communicate with regarding changes in routine, expectations and development. They are genuinely caring, nurturing people who obviously enjoy their work and the children they care for. I feel at ease knowing Devika is being taken care by them each day.

I'd like to say that the entire staff of Jump Start is amazing , right from the owners Glenda and Roger, Debra at reception, to all the teachers as well as the amazing cooks in the kitchen. Devika interacts with everyone so well and happily greets them every day. 

BUT, Devika's last day at Jump Start has come. Yes, her journey with her favourite place and people is coming to an end next week as we are moving to Henderson . Devika will certainly be very unhappy to realize this fact. For now, I am sad. All I can say , I love the mix of professionalism, courtesy and care that Jump Start has. I can't recommend their centre enough . Devika has made best memories and friends here. And if we ever move back to Mount Albert, undoubtedly Devika and her baby sister are returning to this place. 



Dear Under 2 Team

THANK YOU So So much for doing such a wonderful job looking after Oscar for the past 18 months. He was only five months when he started and you have always made him feel safe and happy and cared for. He has loved his time with you and misses you lots. Thank you for all your kind heartedness.

Wayne and Helena Pearson and family 

Dear Pre School Teachers
Ah we are going to miss you so much. You have been the most amazing teachers. I can’t believe how much Tatiana has learnt and grown since she came into your class. I know she will miss you a lot but she is looking forward to school. All the best and we will have to pop in and visit when we can.

Ana and Tatiana

Just a quick note to say how fantastic we think the 2-3 staff are. Sadie absolutely loves Jump Start and asked if she could go today too (on her day off). All of the teachers are so caring and gentle, and I really love the way they encourage the children to care for and look out for each other.

Keep up the great work 


Emily Testimonial

Thank you Jump Start Kids Teachers

I and my wife are writing this short note to express our sincere gratitude for all the love and care my son Salah receives at your facility. Since he enrolled at your school in last February, he has made a great progress in his communication and creative skills, his eating habits, and the ability to interact with other kids. He is really happy and excited attending your centre, and the time he spends there. We also enjoy in discussing about the wonderful activities he was doing with his teachers and friends. Therefore, I like to recommend how amazing this centre is to all of my friends, and we are looking forward to sending our younger daughter also to your school in the near future.

Yours sincerely
Mohamed and Fathima

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