Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum booking is two full days or three half days
  • To receive 20 Hours ECE the minimum booking must be for two or more full days or five half days.
  • Weekly fees are due in advance of the booked week
  • Full fees are applicable for all days your child is booked to attend but is absent. Extra days are charged in addition and are dependent on availability.
  • No swapping of days is permitted.
  • Two week’s notice of permanent changes to bookings is required
  • Full fees are applicable for any statutory holiday which falls on a day your child is normally booked.
  • The Centre closes at 6.00pm. Late collection of your child will incur a penalty of $20.00 each 15 mins to cover the additional staff costs.
  • If any account balances remain unpaid and are deemed by us to require outside debt collection then all associated costs will be payable by you.
  • Management reserves the right to increase the fees with one month’s notice.
  • After six months, annual holidays up to three weeks per year will be available at 60% of the daily rate. Two week’s notice is required and the holiday is to be at least of one week duration.
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