Glenda Carter - Owner and Professional Leader

Glenda’s background is primary teaching where she had senior positions for many years. Along with a Teaching Diploma she is also qualified in Education Leadership.

“Since becoming involved in Early Childhood Education I have come to understand the huge importance of this time in a child’s life and the key part that quality care and education plays. I believe in our shared philosophy and do my best to ensure that what we promise we also deliver”

Glenda Carter

Roger Carter – Owner and Business Leader

Roger has had a number of senior management positions but now does IT consulting when not doing the accounting or maintenance work.

"While not an educator I am interested in observing the growth of children in their time with us. From babies through to leaving for school they are continuously learning"

Roger Carter

Debra Quincey - Administrator

The mother of 2 teenage boys, Debra has been with Jump Start Kids since 2012.She is a local having lived in Mt Albert for 16yrs. Debra has worked in administration in both the shipping and insurance industries.

“I love my job, being able to interact with all the children and parents. Every day here is an enjoyable day and I look forward to helping you”

Debra Quincey

Before Two Team

Pathma Peduruge - Team Leader

Pathma started working here in 2001. She is very experienced in caring for our youngest members although she was a Secondary School teacher in Sri Lanka. Her New Zealand training and registration have led her to a passion for working with this age group.

“Working with young children makes me feel very responsible as most of their brain development happens in the first three years”

Pathma Peduruge

Liyue (Victoria) Ge

Victoria is our newest teacher, joining us in July 2016. She has graduated with a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education) Not only does she bring enthusiasm and fresh ideas, her ability to speak Mandarin is highly valued.  

"I firmly believe that children are the future of our whole society. Every child has the right to get access to education in a safe, friendly, lovely, welcoming and inclusive environment. I greatly appreciate the partnership with parents and families, which can in turn promote children’s learning and development"

Liyue (Victoria) Ge

Minal Pandya- Assistant

Minal is a permanent part time assistant for Pathma and Victoria in the Before Two room.

Minal Pandya-

Over Two Team

Rajni - Team Leader

Originally from India and a New Zealand resident since 2003, Rajni has a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (ECE) from University of Auckland.

“I am very excited to be the part of the teaching team at Jump Start Kids as the team leader in the Over 2 area. To guide your child and be part of their learning journey is a privilege”


Sarah Russell - Teacher

Prior to teaching, Sarah has worked in the travel industry and been a children’s book specialist. She now holds a BA in History and Anthropology and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching in Early Childhood.

“While completing my studies I spent some time with my nephews who were under five at that time and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to pursue a career in Early Childhood Education”


Ismat Tahir

Ismat was originally a maths and science teacher in her Pakistan homeland. Not yet Early Childhood qualified, she is on a learning journey beside the children and is passionate about working with the toddlers. 

"Moments spent around young children are precious and enjoyable to me. It makes my day" 

Ismat Tahir

Pre School Team

Megan Lindsay - Team Leader

Originally from Wanganui, Megan is an experienced teacher with qualifications in both early childhood and primary teaching. After two years living in London, she now leads our Preschool.

"I am excited to be leading this wonderful pre-school team and guiding your tamariki through their transition to our room and on to school"

Megan Lindsay

Khairani(Rani) Rahman

I live in Mt Albert with my husband and four teenage children. Being a local means it is quick and easy for me to get to and from work, and it also means I’m very familiar with our local community. My previous work experience involved working with special-needs children in primary school, and in 2012, I decided to pursue further study to become an early childhood teacher.

“ I have always loved working with children. Not only are they a joy to work with, but it is also a very rewarding career.”

Rani Rahman

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