Jump Start Kids Philosophy

Jump Start Kids is a learning community made up of children, their families, their teachers and our support team. No one operates in isolation and everyone has a valued place.

We celebrate the many cultures that make up this community while acknowledging Maori as Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa. Within this context we aim to develop partnerships with families and the wider community encouraging open communication and positive reciprocal relationships.

To develop confident and competent learners for the twentyfirst century we encourage attributes such as curiosity, persistence, problem solving skills, imagination, creativity, cooperation and independence. All children are given choice, time and space and are encouraged to assess their own learning.They will be listened to and given freedom to learn in their own way.

Many opportunities for reading and writing

We follow the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whāriki to create a flexible learning environment based on children’s interests and purposeful play. A high value is placed on literacy, mathematics, science, technology and the arts. Teachers will ensure that they plan for learning in these areas. At the same time we will foster physical development, social skills and self care appropriate for the age and developmental stage of each child.

To achieve these aims our teaching staff will be dedicated professionals who continually develop and reflect on their own practice. They will provoke and extend children’s thinking through meaningful conversations, and intentional teaching.

We provide a safe, inclusive and respectful environment where accepting without prejudice, trusting, supporting and listening to each other, while having fun, are paramount.

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