Parent's Feedback Written on the Educa website.

Educa is the tool we primarily use to communicate with parents about their children's development. It is a private and secure site that you can share your child's journey with family members and friends.

The best part about Educa is that you get to comment, add photos and write your own family stories thus building the important partnership between us.  This is a small sample of what  parents have said after reading a new story. 

" It is great to see Y  making friends and also learning to share toys with his friends. We are really happy as it is a good learning experience he wouldn't get at home “

" Aww! I can’t stop smiling looking at these cute pictures. Can’t believe D is grown up and making rotis , hahaha . I can’t wait for the day when we both can enjoy some good time in the kitchen cooking together and have a laugh. It’s amazing how any corner or a small objective can be a learning opportunity for a kid. Yes, she noticed me making rotis but I never thought she would apply this to her learning so soon. She amazes me with her observation and learning curve. Indeed it’s a good exercise for arms and muscles too. I learnt another trick of keeping her busy at home now, specially when I get busy in kitchen.  D  can give me extra hand in making rotis. Thank you Ismat for capturing this beautiful moment for us. We will surely cherish it in the years to come and share stories and laugh with Devika. Every moment is so precious in her development and I am glad she has the right platform to get some great learnings in safe and healthy environment."

" Wow I finally manage to get in and read the story of my boy D at Jump Start.   The teachers Anusha , Shashi & Sarah doing a great job !!! Thank you so much for that . D has learn many English words since he was join here.   He loves to go daycare every day after he finish his breakfast.   I find it he change a lot after he has been there, he is social more , and willing to play with other children"

" Dakota is definitely full of enthusiasm and determination which are wonderful traits to have.  Dakota loves to show me what she has mastered during the day and in particular loves showing me her new tricks on the monkey bars.  Perhaps her daddy might have to erect some monkey bars at home....we'll add it to his 'task list'
Good work Dakota, very proud of you x  "

>" Thank you Pathma. She is certainly a keen learner. We are amazed to see her repeating steps at home that she has learnt from school. We encourage her a lot and join her in this fun activity too. These days she has a lot of poems to share too. I can see how quickly she is grasping and applying her learning to her day to day. This makes her more confident for sure. She feels part of the social circle even more specially with things she can share. She is taking a lot of interest in books too. Last night I opened a book and ask her things like " where is cup , butterfly , shell etc. ? " and she pointed to them all correctly. Thank you and to all the teachers in putting all the right efforts for her positive upbringing. "

" Hi,   This is A’s uncle from Pakistan. I am thrilled to see the video of A  and the way he improved in such a short span of time. The credit goes to your team and your hard work. I want to thank you in million words for all your hard work.   Best Regards   E

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