Infants and Toddlers have a separate area to allow the little ones safety and freedom to learn at their own pace without the interruption of older children. They have their own outdoor area and are taken to visit the other playgrounds and classrooms when appropriate so that they become familiar with all areas of the centre.

There is a teacher for every four children of this age. Learning experiences provided include: Book sharing: Music, songs and dancing; Educational toys and natural materials, Physical challenges; Messy Play: Art; Outside play including water and sand; Quiet times.

It is good to get messy

Giving Infants and Toddlers space and time to make choices and test their abilities while ensuring their safety is important to us. Because we keep this group small the educators have time for quality interaction with every child. Routine activities such as meals, nappy change and sleep time are considered important relationship building opportunities.

Children sleep in a special sleep room according to their needs and after discussion with you. You are welcome to supply a favourite cuddly or pillow to help your child settle down to rest. 

As children approach two they are gradually given more time with the older ones to facilitate a smooth transition.

I can make the wheel go round!
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